School of Management

An exciting array of courses is offered in our School of Management carefully chosen to ensure a well-rounded and beneficial educational experience. The program is divided in three sections offering management training, advanced management studies and college courses to help expand your education.

In the management training courses, basic management skills are offered, which will help you become a better leader by teaching you how to choose and motivate your employees and how to get the most out of them. A basic budgeting class is offered, which will give you a solid understanding of the budgeting and forecasting process – an essential tool for any competent executive.

The advanced management studies present an exciting mix of classes that will benefit both the developing manager as well as seasoned veterans. Highlights include a course on negotiation and conflict resolution, business writing and, if you want to become a better public speaker, public speaking and presentation skills is a must. The school of management is committed to introduce new course work regularly to help hone the skills of the resort’s management team and prepare them as triumphant business leaders.

As part of the School of Management, relationships will be developed with local colleges and training facilities to augment our efforts and to offer our student base more opportunities to learn. It is our goal to seek out unique initiatives and develop partnerships that mutually benefit our student base and that of the participating colleges and universities.

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