School of Information and Technology

At the core of any thriving business you’ll find efficient means to manage information and a technological infrastructure to help run the company. Our School of Information and Technology will help you learn these valuable disciplines and will, in turn, help you during your employment at the resort and throughout your career.

It has been said that knowledge is power and it is indeed the by-product of good information. A variety of courses are offered to ensure that you are properly prepared to meet the needs of our demanding guests. A workshop on the history of the resort as well as one on general property information will be offered.  Additionally, a class on C.P.R. and first aid will be taught to meet the requirements for local certification.  Courses will also be taught on etiquette including a workshop on how to dress for success along with hospitality etiquette, electronic communication and management imaging.

Our technology programs are robust featuring courses on the various property management systems including front office, catering, maintenance and food and beverage point of sale system. In addition to the property management systems, an assortment of classes is offered on Microsoft products including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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