General Information

Attendance Requirements
Each staff member will be given a list of courses they are required to attend. These courses will be designated as either an immediate or secondary requirement. Classes that are immediate requirements will be offered regularly and must be taken prior to an employee being assigned to a permanent shift on the department’s work schedule. Courses that are designated as secondary requirements must be taken within the timeline as determined by the director of learning.

Optional courses will be offered throughout the year and eligibility to enroll in these classes is considered a privilege. Enrollment forms are provided in the appendix of the course catalog as well as on the academy’s website. Approval from the director of learning, one of the deans or from the student’s department head is required prior to being admitted into an optional course.

College Courses
It is the intention of the academy to partner with local colleges and other independent third party learning institutions. Special consideration for inclusion and preferred course rates will be negotiated to extend the benefits of our academy.

Course Schedule
Courses are offered in the nine-month period from March to November with most classes completed in a single season. Courses are offered in the day and evening and eventually some will be offered on-line.

Dean’s List
A dean’s list or honors list is published and will contain the names of students who have earned a 3.250 grade point average or higher.

Degrees and Certificates
A certificate of achievement will be awarded to each student completing an academy course. A degree from the academy will also be awarded to students who complete one of the full course curriculums that will be offered to participating employees.

Grading System
Upon completion of each course, students will be required to complete an examination, which will be graded. Grades will be determined by the professor and forwarded to the dean of the respective school who will post the grade via a transcript. Any student who does not earn a passing grade will be required to re-enroll in the course.

There are several reasons for grading each student upon completion of a course or workshop. It will help us identify where there are strengths and weaknesses among our employee workforce. This knowledge will allow us to make the best possible decisions when assigning responsibility and identifying top candidates for consideration of promotional opportunities. Additionally, a grading system should help create a professional, competitive environment in which students are more likely to take the course material seriously.

It will also help continuously improve the service provided at the resort and will prevent us from putting employees in situations they are not properly prepared for.

Grades are officially recorded by letters and evaluated as follows:

Grading System

All employees will be required to register as a student of the Wequassett Academy. For details on how to register, please refer to the enrollment form in the appendix of this course catalog. Registration is also available on the academy’s website, which can be accessed through the resort’s main website or the academy’s website

Repeating Courses
Courses may be repeated in order to earn a better grade. In all cases, the most recent grade earned in a course is the one used in calculating the overall grade-point average; however, previous grades remain on the transcript followed by the word “Repeat.”

Student Transcripts
A written record for each student will be kept in order to keep track of the courses taken as well as the grades received. They will be used to evaluate the progress of our employees and in part for consideration in helping to make decisions with respect to career advancement.

Official transcripts are available upon request at the director of learning’s office. Written requests for official transcripts can be mailed to:

Wequassett Resort and Golf Club
Route 28 at Pleasant Bay
Chatham, MA 02633

Attn: Wequassett Academy – Transcript Request

All questions concerning transcript requests should be directed to the director of learning or one of the school’s deans.

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