Academic Programs

The Wequassett Academy is comprised of four schools carefully chosen and developed to provide a well-rounded educational experience for hospitality students. Each school focuses on a key discipline that is suited for both entry level and seasoned students and employees. Courses will be offered throughout the year and our schedule will be well suited to meet the needs of our employees.

Our faculty will use a variety of different learning techniques to ensure that the environment is fun and productive. Some of the workshops will involve both classroom and on-the-job training in order to thoroughly teach our students what it takes to perform their job as well as possible.

A unique feature of the academy is the opportunity to learn interesting areas of study that are beyond your basic job requirements. This will translate into a diversely skilled workforce prepared to advance to the next opportunity. It will also serve as an excellent way to grow personally and to use your education well beyond your tenure at the resort.

A key goal of the Wequassett through the benefits of the academy is to develop our employees, which in turn will improve retention and allow us to offer promotional opportunities with greater frequency.

Our vision includes a commitment to continuously improve the academy and once established we intend to offer the benefits of our schools and professors to an expanded community.

“Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction… you must improve.”

~ Horst Schulz, President
Ritz Carlton Hote

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